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Below the best are shown, in opinion of our users, the business credit and prepaid cards intended for owners of small business and for corporate heads. At clever management and use, you can receive many benefits from the credit card of small business. Here some of them: Special Rewards, Avoid Co-mingling, Build Business Credit, Manage Employee Spending, Easy Itemization...

How to Get Small Business Credit Card

Seeking a business credit card can be quite difficult depending on the lending company that you’re going through and your credit score. Even though you’re applying for a business credit card you have to be well aware of the situation and what it is going to take in order to get your company a credit card.

When you’re considering getting your business an expense account with a credit card company here are a couple of things that you have to pay close attention to so that your business is not suffered.

If you have less than perfect credit you should not have a problem getting a business credit card. There are programs and other things in place that allow a business to get a credit card for their expenses. Many major credit card companies will give a business a credit card with easy approval and with less than perfect credit.
One thing that the credit card company will ask you about when you’re looking to apply for this card is to show them an interest in the hobby that you’re trying to turn into a business. They will want to see a business plan or portfolio of what you expect to earn over the next year.

You’ll be able to get this credit card for your business even though you are the sole proprietor or if you’re going into business as an entrepreneur. This will allow you to take your business to the next level and get the money that you’re seeking out of your business.

When you apply for this credit card you should have your response within 24 hours if you qualify for business credit card. After you apply for your credit card and you get response back you should have your credit card with the business name on it within 24 to 48 hours. They express shipped your card to get to use so that your business can start operating properly.

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Watch out for the 'revert rate' on balance transfer offers. In order to tempt you to switching to their credit cards, banks and other card providers are offering great balance transfer offers to existing card holders. These rates have hit rockbottom as low a 0 per cent. This means any outstanding balance you may have on your old rival credit card can be transferred to the new card with no interest charged on that money. But the balance transfer offer will generally only run for three to six months, after which the standard interest rate for that card, or the 'revert rate', will apply. And new purchases will be subject to the standard rate straight away. By all means take advantage of balance transfer offers to help you pay off your lingering credit card debt, but try to pay off the old debt before the balance transfer period runs out. And make sure the revert rate is reasonable too. No one should need to pay credit card interest rates of 17 to 19 per cent anymore.

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