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Cards for Bad Credit History

These Credit and Prepaid Cards are intended for users with the Bad Credit, less than the fine credit or for those who hopes again to re-establish their credit. The credit card for bad credit, such as a secured credit card can be magnificent for consumers with problems of the credit trying to restore their credit rating. While it borrows time to reduce negative influence of the last problems of the credit, payment of consecutive and duly payments can help to restore a low credit rating.

Need a Credit Card but have Bad Credit?

Applying for credit card is always not a bad idea when you’re trying to raise your credit score. The bad thing about applying for a credit card when you have absolutely no credit is that you’ll probably get denied quite a few times before you find a credit card company that is willing to take a chance in you.

Do not give up because there are credit card companies that will give you a credit card with bad credit. Here are some things that you need or that will benefit you when you apply for a bad credit card so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

The first thing that you get is against an account number when you apply for this credit card online. They have to be able to let you start shopping until your card gets there so they will give you the account number as soon as you’re approved. The reason why they do this is because they want you to start raising your credit score by making purchases. The more purchases you make will raise your credit score as long as you’re able to pay the bill on time.

Another benefit about having an account like this is that you’ll be able to have free direct deposit with your paychecks, other benefits and tax returns. This is very nice because now you do not have to pay for a company to give you your money that you love earned.

With this credit card you also receive the ability to make all of your payments online as well as check your bank account. There are also no overdraft fees and downs minimums that you have to have in your account in order for you to qualify. This type of credit card makes it very easy for anybody to get an account so that they can raise their credit score.

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Watch for different interest rates on the one card. Credit card providers are increasingly charging different interest rates on the one card, depending on how you use it. While the headline, advertised interest rate applies to straight purchases of goods and services, a significantly higher interest rate may be charged on cash advances from the bank. These cash advance rates are as high as 20 per cent. And remember that interest is charged immediately on cash advances, any interest-free period only ever applies to purchases.

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