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By: Susan Davis

Credit repair secrets exist only because the credit repair companies don’t want you to know how easy it really is to correct your own credit yourself.  As long as you believe it is difficult, they can charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and gladly do it for you. 

Did you know that just using a credit repair company can severely damage your credit score for years?  In fact, credit counseling or even debt consolidation can also hurt you in credit scoring and all you are trying to do is be more responsible about your credit.  It doesn’t seem fair does it?  Unfortunately that is how the credit system is designed.

Many consumers who have gone to credit repair companies have bad experiences because the company didn’t even work on the file themselves but outsourced it to someone else.  The whole reason they can get away with this is hardly anyone educates themselves before handing all of their credit information over to someone they have never met.

Identity theft is another major problem in the World today and sadly it is growing so fast that no one can see an end in sight.  Think about who you are giving your personal documents to and think about who is getting all of your very sensitive information.  Here is another little secret, in as little as an hour you can easily protect yourself by placing a shield around all of your sensitive information that locks it in place so no one can see it without your permission.

So if you can learn how to take off things like charge offs and late payments from your credit report, is it possible to raise your credit score?  Actually that’s exactly what happens when you begin removing some of the negative items from your credit report. The more of those items you can get removed the higher your score goes.

Anyone who has a low credit score knows that every single thing they buy on credit costs them a lot more than someone who has a higher credit score.  So you can start saving money quickly by raising your score and soon your score can even go higher if you continue to work on removing the negative items.

Knowing other things like how married people should apply on any credit application and what works quickly to raise your credit score and what not to waste your time on can not only save you countless hours of time but offer you a blueprint as to how to apply for any credit in the future.

But is this something you can learn how to do yourself or should this be left to the professionals?  If you can you use a phone and can write a few letters then you have the qualifications to correct errors and remove negative items from your credit report.  You can not only clean up your credit report, but you can save yourself a lot of money in the process.

The biggest reason most people do not correct information on their credit report is because they have no credit repair knowledge.  But nothing about it is hard, and once you learn how to do it, you’ll be surprised at your results.  Just knowing a few credit repair secrets can not only impact your life quickly but can save you thousands of dollars in interest.

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