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Is Debt Settlement Really Beneficial?

By: Jeslyn Jessy

For people who are drowning in deep debt, they usually feel helpless and stressful. One of the financial options they may consider is debt settlement. It is a negotiation process between the debtors and creditors with the main purpose of reducing debts during financial crisis.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having settlement. Firstly, a very solid advantage you can gain from debt reduction is money. Through a proper negotiation with the creditors, you are able to satisfy your debt in full with the actual fact of paying lesser amount of your total debt. In general, through settlement, many people can save about 40% to 60% of their money. Isn’t it beneficial for you when you can avoid yourself from paying high interest? You can save a substantial amount of money after the whole process is completed.

In order to get rid of the heavy financial burden, settlement will be a wise choice as it is a legal financial solution. Once you have informed your creditors or debt collectors about your intention, you will no longer be disturbed by the non stop phone calls and reminder letters. At the same time, you can prevent yourself from being sued bankruptcy too.

In the point of view of many people, debt settlement spoils the credit rating of a person. In fact, it only happens at the initial stage. In the real scenario, during the negotiation process, the debtors could make their effort to convince the creditors to remove all the negative items from their credit reports. Once the debt is settled, there won’t be any open delinquent item. For successful cases, the accounts will be reported as “closed by credit grantor” or “settled”. In other words, it helps to minimize the credit damage of a person.

To sum up, for people who have huge debt, debt settlement may be the right choice to dig them out from financial hardship.

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